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Support for people with disabilities

Radom Academy of economics has created a system of health research, teaching and material taking into account the needs of persons with disabilities to provide them with optimal conditions for full participation in the educational process.

University activities include for example:
-changes in legislation (eg. benefit records borrow books from the Library)
-financial support (special grants)
-Rector’s Plenipotentiary for help. People with Disabilities in solving individual problems of people with disabilities,
-purchase of equipment and specialized software to facilitate the education of people with various health impairments,
-changes in infrastructure (elimination of architectural barriers).

Assist people with disabilities
As part of the support offered to people with disabilities, the University allows free use of support assistants to disabled people. Support Assistant is to give emergency assistance in performing activities which the student disabled not be able to make yourself during classes within the course of studies, for example. Assistance in completing the formalities in the Dean’s Office, Rector, in consultation with lecturers promoter in library, support the preparation of the notes or any other kind of support submitted by a disabled student. The application must be submitted in writing, together with the decision of the degree of disability, certificate confirming the status of the student / PhD student and plan activities for a given semester of the academic year with the scope and forms of support which the student expects indication of those classes in which the student needs support assistant and giving the estimated work time assistant per month. Student disabled may propose a specific person who could testify for him this service. If you are surrounded by student / ki such a person is not there, the university through the Rector’s Plenipotentiary. Disabled people will try to find the right support.

Please note that students with disabilities!

All students with disabilities have extended the term borrow books for 4 weeks. Every disabled person has the opportunity to benefit from mediation proxy when using the library and the reception of the ordered books. If the reader wants to empower the disabled to receive his other books person, a person authorized to collect books should be at their reception their identity, and one-time authorization.

If the reader wants to authorize the use of the Library of others, then must be in the library in the presence of a librarian submit the relevant power of attorney for specified time. The power of attorney can withdraw at any time.

Photocopying notes and teaching materials

If because of your disability, there are difficulties in the separate preparation of notes during lectures, each disabled student can apply for the right to free photocopying notes of other people who make available his own materials.

Contact with the Agent of the Rector for Persons with Disabilities If you have questions or concerns related to support for students with disabilities, please contact the Representative of the Rector Affairs. Persons with Disabilities. All the time we are waiting also for suggestions on how the university can support you in the learning process. Proposals should be sent to, by telephone at tel. 601 388 096 or in person while on duty Rector’s Plenipotentiary. Persons with Disabilities. Through the Rector’s Plenipotentiary. Disabled RAE every student in Radom may contact the authorities of the University. To do this, make an appointment – by mail, by phone or in person while on duty Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Disabled.

Rental of specialized equipment for students with disabilities

For students and doctoral students with visual impairment:

Olympus DM – 7 Digital Voice Recorder (2 units)
Mobile Supernova PEN – Magnifier & Screen PEN – pendrive – in quantities of 1 pc.
BraillantPen Keyboard – 2 pcs.
Braillant 32 Braille Lines – 1 quantity
Electronic Explorer 5 magnifier – 1 item
DoubleCheck Calculator – 2 pcs.

For students and PhD students with hearing impairment:
Domino Classic set with loop loop and headphones BE 9124 – 1 pcs.

To apply for rental of equipment, please refer to the following documents:

Rental Terms of Use

Request for download



Rector’s Plenipotentiary for Disabled
Katarzyna Majka
Friday 13:00 – 16:00
room 06
ul. Traugutta 61a
26-600 Radom

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