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Education is an investment in the future and a better life. Modern financial affairs organization allows that the studies can now be available for everyone. Radom Academy of Economics is a self-financing organization, that doesn?t get subsidies from the state budget to cover the costs of it operations, therefore RAoEs students are charged with the tuition fee. On the other hand, a well-developed system of student loans and scholarships diminishes the financial barriers for those who want to get a higher education.

FACT: According to CBOS (Public Opinion Research Center) over 90% of Poles believe that it is worth to acquire higher education. Apart from ambition, which is the most important reason for studying according to most, other key factors are the earnings. Research shows that a person with a degree has a better chance of getting a better paid job.


Starting from March 2012, Bursar accepts payments via debit cards! In order to meet the expectations of students and to facilitate the settlement with University, Radom Academy of Economics has set up a payment terminal, which enables the non-cash payments. Each student with a debit card can use it now in RAoE Bursar – for more details, please contact the Bursar!

 For more information on the Tuitions please contact:

Bursar – student support dept.:
Radom Academy of Economics
61a Traugutta St.
Pho/fax 048 363 22 90 ext. 48

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