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Trainings and courses

Career Office Trainings

Career Office of Radom Academy of Economics, invites students to participate in free training courses, lectures, study visits and job fairs.

What is a study visit? The study visit is a form of training conducted outside University walls, in a place where we can learn other people practices, as well as check the “backstage” to see how the place was created, how it operates and what was the owner?s recipe for success.

Career Office of Radom Academy of Economics organizes study visits to the fastest growing companies in Radom and its region, companies operating on international markets, actively operating in the industry, achieving huge profits, which nowadays is not an easy task, and a good sign of effective management.

During the 2-3 hour long study visit a group of 20 participants learns from a company representative, on the story of the company, its advantages, on the market, product, and industry it operates on, they discuss the profile of the desired company employees. An important part of the visit is presenting of company products and services, as well as participation in the work of the employees.

Open Days are designed to show the activities of the company, functioning of its various departments and sections. It gives students the opportunity to discuss with the staff, and find out first handedly about the atmosphere in the company, salary or social conditions.

Workshops and trainings – todays job market forces employees to continuously upgrade their knowledge, skills in foreign languages, flexibility, creativity, efficiency and adaptation to the surrounding conditions. In order to meet these expectations, we offer students trainings and workshops conducted by practitioners, specialists in the industry. There are a various numbers of topics, from writing application documents and preparation for the interview to creating a proper marketing image of oneself.

Current Career Office offer of study visits:

  • Polish Mint;
  • Detention Centre;
  • Regional Labor Office;
  • Weapons Factory “Lucznik”;
  • Mazovian Regional Centre of Psychiatry “Denice” Sp. z o.o.;
  • PMP Radom;
  • Radwag Radom;
  • Zakłady Automatyki KOMBUD SA

Open Days:

  • Radom’s branch of the Regional Labor Office;
  • The Polish Bank Association;
  • KP;
  • Presentation of Lithuanian company Rhodesnow, offering paid summer internships in Greece as part of Erasmus +.

Training and workshops:

  • Effective job search tools abroad;
  • Methods and job search techniques;
  • Art of effective persuasion;
  • Body language during the interview;
  • Get to know your professional potential;
  • Interview;
  • Plan your career;
  • Safe departure – safe return How to find work abroad;
  • How to start your own business?
  • Training on project management based on the PMI-Polk;
  • Art of professional self-presentation;
  • Psychological consequences of the loss of jobs.

Training and language courses

WSH allows its students to study five popular languages: English, German, Italian, Russian and French.

Classes are conducted by highly qualified and experienced teachers who pay special attention to developing the skills of effective communication. They also put much emphasis on learning specialized business and technical vocabulary.

WSH also allows its students to prepare for obtaining international language certificates, opening the doors to success in the field of education, labor and business, such as TOEIC, TOEFL, WiDaF, TFI at all levels.

For more information on certificates TOEIC L & R and TOEIC Bridge click the links below:


TOEIC Bridge

Radom Academy of Economics is the only certification center ETS (Educational Testing Service) in Radom.


Computer Training

Academy of Economics offers a wide range of the IT industry trainings organized at the Department for Strategic and Technical Studies:

  1. The European Computer Driving License ECDL

ECDL course includes 90 hours of exercise in the context of modules:

  • The use of computers
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
  • Presentations
  • Using Email and the Internet

Those who participated in the course attend the ECDL certification exams at ECDL Laboratory at Radom Academy of Economics.

  1. Certified installer of structural and fiber-optic 3M networks 3M

Course includes 24 hours divided into lectures and tutorials. Lectures part (10 hours) covers the following topics: general networks, topologies, media, and assembly rules. During exercise (14 hours) participants practices installation, connection and testing of copper, fiber optic and radio networks.

After completion participants of the course receive a certificate of authorized installer of structural 3M network.

  1. Certified designer of structural and fiber optic 3M networks

Course includes 30 hours divided into lectures and tutorials. Lectures part (10 hours) covers the following topics: principles, standards, elements of design of structural network. During exercises participants manage the project of documenting the structural network including the final measurement of network.

After completion participants of the course receive a certificate of authorized designer of 3M structural network.

  1. The European Certificate of computer skills – CAD – ECDL CAD

– Intermediate level

ECDL CAD is a European Skills Certificate of Computer Aided Design.

ECDL CAD certificate the basic skills using CAD tools to create drawings in 2D.

The course consists of 20 hours of practice and involves creating and editing drawing objects, geometric tolerances, dimension styles, blocks and attributes, and layers management.

Those who participated in the course attend the ECDL CAD certification exams at ECDL Laboratory at Radom Academy of Economics.

  1. Certificate of skills Inventor

– Intermediate level

The course includes 30 hours of practice, which includes techniques for advanced modeling of parts, designing and implementing the animation of teams, automatic generation of technical documentation, creating projects presentations, organizing simultaneous project management.

Those who participated in the course attend the certification exam, which ends with obtaining international certification skills Inventor software.


Since February 2013 Radom Academy of Economics established co-operation with CISCO Systems to create a local CISCO Academy. The training program offers the opportunity to obtain theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of design, development and maintenance of computer networks.

Graduates of the course are trained to participate in professional certification exams for CISCO: IT Essentials, CCNA Discovery, CCNA Exploration, and CCNA Security.

The acquired knowledge, supported by the resulting certificate is a passport to success in the modern environment of the Internet economy.

Registration for courses leading Dean for the Faculty of Strategic and Technical Studies at Radom Academy of Economics:
7a Domagalskiego Street
Phone 048 363 15 10

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