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Students Circle of Young Diplomats


PRESIDENT (STUDENT): Katarzyna Wiśniewska,

TERMS AND PLACE OF MEETINGS: advertised by virtual dean


General Action Plan of the Scientific Circle
1. To broaden students’ knowledge in all aspects including international relations.
A) developing scientific interests on interstate relations and activities of non-state actors
B) learning methods of shaping the policy of subjects of international relations Thematic debates with theoreticians and practitioners from both the ministerial and the local level, as well as officers of the local government or non-state sector (business non-governmental organizations)
C) developing students’ scientific activity
D) student integration (spreading a good and friendly atmosphere in a student country all over the country)
E) caring for the proper image of the Higher School of Commerce
F) developing the organizational and interpersonal skills of the members of the Scientific Circle

2. Make contacts with other organizations and faculties dealing with international relations on a national scale
A) organization and active participation in seminars, conferences and symposia, where students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of scientific, economic and political circles in the field of international relations
B) initiating and conducting work popularizing knowledge about international relations,
C) writing competitions on international relations,
D) establishing cooperation with other organizations and research circles dealing with related subjects,
E) organizing study visits and practical training,

Minimum Action Plan for 2016/2017

1. Wheel Reorganization:
A) Acquiring new members of the Circle,
B) Choice of authorities.

2. Popularization and scientific activities:
A) Organizing monthly open debates on selected issues of international relations,
B) Active participation in the organization of open lectures and other events at the Faculty  C) Participation in Security Day.

3. Research activities:  A) Continuation of analysis of positions, organization of the conference and preparation of a comprehensive study presenting international responses to the Ukrainian crisis.

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