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Scilab as a Scientific Calculator – International Lecture!


Scilab as a Scientific Calculator – International Lecture. On May 13, 2021, there will be a lecture by prof. Olesii Maksymovych for students and interested employees of the Radom Academy of Economics on the topic “Scilab as a scientific calculator”.

Prof. dr hab. Olesia Maksymovych, currently teaching and research worker of the National University of Lviv – head of the Department of Oil and Gas & Welding Engineering (Institute of Mechanical Engineering and Transport), has a rich scientific career, including work at the National Technical University in Lutsk, including as an associate professor , professor and head of the Department of Computer Engineering, head of the Department of Technical Mechanics, professor of the Department of Mechanics and Structures of UTP and the Department of Sustainable Building UTP.

During the lecture, prof. Olesia Maksymovych will introduce the basic functions of Scilab, present mathematical operations and practical applications of the graphic environment (creating graphs, charts or animations). Scilab was created for mathematical research and has hundreds of mathematical functions that we can operate on both numbers and more advanced structures, such as vectors or matrices. He can also interact with programs written in other languages. Scilab also has its own interpreter and a high-level programming language. Scilab can help you in many areas – from simple calculations, through matrices, linear algebra, signal processing, statistics, and many other areas. Using the graphical environment, it is able to draw graphs and charts of 2-3 dimensions and even create animations.

Scilab is available for free in the form of sources and binary for Unix (including Linux) and MS Windows systems. The lecture aims to encourage the use of this program in the processing and presentation of data obtained as a result of the research conducted by students and academic teachers. Start at 18.00 in the TEAMS application! Students and employees of WSH join from the calendar or using the access code – 0b61n8s Students participating in the lecture may complete the number of hours specified by the Dean for student internships. You’re welcome Detailed information can be obtained from: prof. WSH Dr. Adam Ziółkowski e-mial:

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