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Prevention and addiction therapy

The aim of the studies in the field of prophylaxis and addiction therapy is theoretical and practical preparation of students to work with people and environments at risk of addiction. The studies prepare for work with addicts and co-addicted as a specialist in the field of addiction prevention and therapy. Completion of studies is a chance to acquire knowledge in the field of modern methods of addiction prevention. It allows you to acquire new competences of people working with youth at risk of addiction to drugs, alcohol, the Internet or gambling. These phenomena are often accompanied by social maladjustment, crime and demoralization.

Thematic areas within the specialty;
-knowledge of addiction prevention systems and methods
-procedures for constructing preventive programs
-Legal basis of therapeutic activity
-addiction therapy methods
-diagnosis in therapeutic treatment
-methodology for conducting educational and preventive classes
-building local support networks
-pedagogy of the virtual world

Employment prospects:
Graduates in the prevention and addiction therapy specialization will gain qualifications that will be the basis for undertaking work as a therapist in institutions and organizations dealing with the prevention of addictions and threats among young people. Students will acquire methodological skills related to conducting preventive classes and developing preventive programs. People completing studies in this specialization will be prepared to conduct workshops with knowledge of behavioral addictions from drugs and the Internet. In addition, they will know legal procedures in the field of addiction prevention and treatment. Graduates of this specialization will find employment on prevention and addiction therapy centers. They will be able to work at consultation points and social organizations dealing with broadly understood prophylaxis and addiction therapy. The scope of knowledge and competences will allow you to take up a job in the Commissive Alcohol Problem Solving Commissions.

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