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  7. This is normal! Why our children’s behavior is commonly called ADHD, autism, and other disorders / Enrico Gnaulati; Iga Noszczyk. Cracow: Social Sign Publishing Institute, 2016.
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  11. Criminal profiling / Scotia J. Hicks, Bruce D. Sales. Warsaw, PWN, 2015.
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  13. Social Support for Stigmatized People – Virtual Support Groups / Marta Kondracka-Szala. Warsaw: Difin, 2015.
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  30. A man who mistook his wife with a hat / Oliver Sacks. Poznań: Profit and S-ka Publishing House, 2017.
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  32. ECDL: basics of working with computer: syllabus v. 1.0 / Witold Sikorski. – Warszawa: Wydawnictwo Nukowe PWN, 2015.
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