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Meeting with a psychodietician, part II


On March 11, 2021, at the Radom Academy of Economics, in the virtual space of the Academic Psychological and Pedagogical Laboratory, we hosted an extraordinary guest – Katarzyna Strzelczyk – a clinical dietitian and psycho-dietician.

The meeting was conducted in the form of an interview hosted by the Coordinator of the above-mentioned Laboratory, Milena Durasiewicz. Students actively asked questions and shared their thoughts. The guest of the meeting answered the students’ questions with great passion, a positive atmosphere surrounded all the participants of the meeting. Due to the great interest of students, we invite you to the second part of the workshop soon.
Topic of the meeting: How to express emotions so as not to eat them – psychodietetics in practice – interview with the guest combined with a group discussion, workshop, part II
Guest: Katarzyna Strzelczyk, MA Date and time: May 17, 2021 at 4 p.m. Venue: the meeting will be held online via the Teams platform in the virtual space of the Academic Psychological and Pedagogical Laboratory
Code to join the team: s05tt19
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Coordinator of the Academic Psychological and Pedagogical Laboratory Milena Durasiewicz, MA
Katarzyna Strzelczyk, MA – psycho-dietician and clinical nutritionist. Completed first-cycle studies at WSH in Leszno, majoring in clinical dietetics. Master’s degree studies completed at WSZUiE in Poznań with the profile of personalized dietitian and psychodietetics. He runs his psycho-diet in Stary Bojanów and Leszno. He works mainly psychodietetically with women struggling with extra kilos and with compulsive overeating. In her work, she helps in changing eating habits and repairing the relationship with food. He works with women on self-esteem and shows how to break the vicious cycle of weight loss. When working with patients, she combines knowledge in dietetics as well as psychology. Studied dietetics at the age of 36. The greatest motivation to start studies was the desire to obtain knowledge and skills – how to help a son suffering from asthma and celiac disease? Thanks to his personal experience, he can perfectly understand people struggling with chronic diseases, including: hypothyroidism, celiac disease, inflammatory bowel disease, insulin resistance, depression and eating disorders. He adheres to the principle: “we are what we eat” and “nothing happens without a reason.”
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