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Marketing research techniques


On May 6, 2021, Prof. dr hab. Miroslava Foreta – lecturers of the College of International and Public Relations Prague (Czech Republic) – for WSH students on the subject of “Marketing research techniques”.

Prof. Miroslav Foret is the Director of the Czech Center for Small Business Development founded and financed by the Central European Small Business Development Commission at the US Congress. In his academic career, he participated in many projects, including research on social indicators and social planning, social awareness and public opinion, Communicating Town, Partnership for Local Development, etc. He completed visiting professor internships and research internships in academic centers in Austria, the USA , The Russian Federation, Spain, the Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine.

During the lecture by Prof. Foret acquainted students with the issues of marketing research and presented practical techniques and methods of research in the conditions of specific practical activities. He discussed examples based on the results of research carried out at the International Institute of Marketing, Communication and Entrepreneurship (IIMCE) in Brno. He drew attention to the advantages and disadvantages of using marketing techniques – questionnaire research, individual interview, observation and experiment – in order to obtain empirical data in the studied environment. He explained in detail the differences between direct and indirect questions. He presented the advantages and disadvantages of different types of questions – open, closed and semi-open. The lecture enjoyed great interest among students and was for them systematizing knowledge in the field of research techniques and methods, helpful in the preparation of diploma theses and carrying out research projects during their studies. In addition, it was conducted in a communicative manner in English, which was also an opportunity for direct contact with a live foreign language taught at our University.

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