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Management in English

Study concept

The fundamental goal of the course is to train and promote the qualified managerial staff for the needs of business, administration, and various social sectors. The students will have acquired essential knowledge and skills needed to recognize, diagnose, and solve problems with running various businesses on the job market. They will also have learnt how to use rare human, physical, and financial resources successfully. Moreover, the students will have been acquainted with social, legal, and economic issues. The course particularly draws attention to the problems of running an individual enterprise. Thanks to that, graduates will have learnt how to run an own company, develop creativity and be open to changes. Another decisive factor in achieving success on the job market is instilling in students effective skills of managing the communication sector with a particular focus put on public relations activities that help to improve an image of the company. The course embraces such modules as Organizational Behavior, Public Relations in Organization, Public Relations Materials and Texts, Consumer Relationship Management, Company Marketing Communication System. The course exposes students to a wide range of tutorials, workshops, and seminars, thanks to which students will have opportunities to solve problems individually, cooperate with each other, use different sources of information, combine and shape existing knowledge, organize and evaluate own and other’s work, prepare business projects, give presentations and provide written assignments connected with specific issues, engage in new challenges as well as do different jobs.

Study programme

The programme of studies follows an interdisciplinary approach. The course embraces legal issues as well as economic and management subjects, among which there are the following:

  • Foundations of Jurisprudence
  • Financial Law and Civil and Commercial Law
  • Labor and Social Security Law
  • Public Procurement Law
  • International Law
  • Public Economic Law
  • Microeconomics and Macroeconomics
  • Public Finance
  • Marketing and Marketing Research
  • International Economic Relations
  • Science of Enterprises
  • Organization and Management Theory
  • Management Methods and Techniques
  • Financial, Tax, and Management Accounting
  • Corporate Finance Management
  • Quality, Risk, and Innovation Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Managing Projects (including EU projects)
  • Organization of Logistic Systems

Career Prospects

The course prepares to realize essential management functions in enterprises of different ownership types and different organizational and legal forms, public administration sectors (both governmental and self-governmental), non-profit organizations, institutions of the European Union, and national security organizations. The course also prepares students to start an own business. The graduates will be able to run a family business, design and implement innovative organizational arrangements, work as specialists and managers in the different fields of management. Moreover, the graduates can apply for Master courses in Management or related fields.


Project 2018/2019 Management

The Radom Academy of Economics constantly improves the direction and quality of education to prepare graduates to enter the labor market and further their professional career. In the 2018/19 academic year, three-year studies in English in the field of Management will be launched. English-language studies will be implemented as part of the project “New competences – better tomorrow” co-financed by the European funds under the Operational Program POWR.03.05.00-IP.08-00-PZ1 / 17, that’s why 4 semesters of studies will be free of charge !

The study program is interdisciplinary. The content of education includes legal issues as well as subjects in the field of economic and management sciences. A large part of the classes are practical. The study program will highlight the issue of individual entrepreneurship. This is to prepare graduates to run their own business, as well as to shape the attitude of openess to change and creativity. Equally important from the point of view of success in the labor market is forming students’ skills in managing of the communication system of the organization with particular emphasis on public relations in the process of shaping the company’s image. During practical classes (exercises, workshops, seminars), students will solve problems independently, collaborate in teams, use various sources of information, combine and organize knowledge and evaluate own and other people’s work, prepare business projects or perform oral presentations concerning specific issues. As part of the project, students will participate in a series of training in skills: IT,  language and soft. In addition, students will participate in paid internships in the largest enterprises in the region.


Entrance fee: 300 euros

Deposit: 2,500 euros *

Two paid semesters will be financed from the deposit amount: 3 and 5.

For foreigners a obligatory Polish language course for 4 semesters total 480 hours – payable at 250 euros per semester.

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Recruitment continues!

The number of seats is limited!

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Practical information for candidates – English studies

Project manager:

Piotr Chojnacki, Ph. D.,

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