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Logistics Manager

The concept of studies within the specialty The logistics services sector is an extremely dynamically developing industry, looking for qualified professionals in the field of management and organization planning. Employers’ requirements in the field of employee qualifications are constantly growing. It is the result of more and more advanced IT systems in logistics, planning of business organizations. The international character of companies and organizations requires many qualifications, skills and knowledge in the areas of management, marketing and finance. The knowledge of foreign languages ​​is extremely important. The Logistics Manager specialty will allow you to acquire relevant knowledge and skills in this area, corresponding to the needs of a modern and dynamic European labor market. The specialty is dedicated to those who would like to obtain the qualifications necessary to work in the logistics sector of enterprises, companies and national and international corporations.

Obtained competences:

  • competences in the field of among others international and global logistics,
  • production logistics,
  • competences in supply logistics,
  • competences in the field of logistics systems design,
  • competences related to organization and design,
  • competences of coordination and supervision of supply chains.
  • competence in the effective management of logistics resources, competences that will allow to achieve the highest work efficiency and organization efficiency,
  • You will gain competences and qualifications to work as a specialist or manager in the area of ​​logistics, supply chain,
  • coordination of the purchase process, sales, cooperation with suppliers, warehousing logistics, production logistics, transport, distribution or customer service.

Employment opportunities:

  • specialist in international logistics
  • specialist for creating sales networks supply chain
  • specialist manager of the logistics and planning department
  • managerial positions in non-governmental organizations

Your knowledge will find application in:

  • production companies of various industries and sectors of the economy, trade and sales and service networks in the TFL industry.
  • in the logistics departments of public administration and local government offices.
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