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Judicial – Penitentiary Criminology

Concept of studies within the specialty

Studies in this specialty prepare specialists for the optimization of rehabilitation measures in prison conditions, social reintegration of prisoners and post-penitentiary assistance, and help victims of crime. Students learn about the structure and functioning of common courts and the powers, duties and working methods of professional curators (family and adult) and social curators.

Studies in this specialty include:

  • functioning of the judicial organs
  • material criminal law
  • penitentiary law
  • the right of offenses
  • regulations governing the operation of the police
  • crime prevention – crime victim assistance system
  • social inadequacy of the individual in the modern world
  • mechanisms of social influence
  • negotiations and mediations
  • dealing with minors
  • methodology of the work of court curator
  • basics of sociotherapy

Career prospects

Graduates of this specialization are prepared to work in uniformed services, in particular prison services, as well as in the police, border guards, customs, city guard and preventive services, as well as in the broader justice and administration sectors: the judiciary, the public prosecutor’s office, (District Family Support Centers, Crisis Intervention Centers). The skills acquired during the studies also allow you to work in non-governmental organizations and institutions of psychological support of victims. Graduates are prepared for sociotherapeutic work, mediation and negotiation, acting as curator.

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