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IT Technology in Measurement Systems

Concept of studies within the specialty

The specialty is a response to the growing demand in the IT industry for measurement system designers. New trends in measuring systems are mainly related to a wide measurement infrastructure. Therefore, wireless communication technologies are an indispensable component of such systems, which also provide the possibility of freely integrating various types of measuring elements. Another developed component of measuring systems is computer software that plays a greater role in relation to controllers directly connected to measuring devices. Desired computer systems must be real-time systems with a time-lag and, therefore, often embedded systems. The advanced and largely intelligent control algorithms and automation of control processes are also noticeable. The subjects and practices of the specialization “Information Technology in Measurement Systems” conducted in cooperation with RADWAG, specializing in the production of weighing systems, enable the training of high class specialists in the use of modern information technology in the automation of measurement processes.

Specialization studies focus on the following topics:  

Configuration and structure of the measuring system, Digital-to-analog and analog-digital processing,
Portable, computer and virtual measuring instruments,
Measuring systems with interfaces or serial and parallel buses,
Wireless measuring systems,
Software for measuring and control systems,
Design of microprocessor and embedded systems,
Dispersion and integration of measurement systems

Professional perspectives:

The graduate of this specialization is competent to work in the IT industry and in the areas of implementation, design and software of industrial control systems. He also understands the expectations of future employers and is familiar with the potential tasks facing the designer, or the designer of measurement and control systems, an analyst, as well as the software designer and finally a programmer of measurement and control systems.

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