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Forensics and the changing reality of crime scenes


On April 17, 2021. took place at the Radom Academy of Economics on-line National Scientific Conference on: “Forensics and the changing reality of crime scenes”, which was organized in cooperation with the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom. The honorary patronage over the conference was taken by the Provincial Police Commander based in Radom-Michał Ledzion. The participants of the meeting were the academic community of the RAE, Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce, Tarnów University, forensics technicians of the Masovian garrison, as well as sympathizers and people interested in the issues raised outside the university.

The conference program covered topics related to the challenges and threats of the reality around us, the identification of traces of criminal activity, the diagnostic value of individual research methods, as well as interdisciplinarity – the penetration of various fields of science in modern forensics and the requirement to use the knowledge and experience of many fields of science in the fight against crime . The conference was officially opened by: Rector of the RAE, Ph.D. Elżbieta Kielska and the Deputy Provincial Police Commander based in Radom, young inspector Piotr Janik. The conference host and moderator in the discussion was the Head of the Forensic Laboratory of the Provincial Police Headquarters in Radom, at the same time a didactic and research worker of our Academy, young inspector. Ph.D.Aneta Pawlińska.
Among the topics presented were the following issues: “Identification of a human on the basis of traces left on the lining inside the shoe”, which was discussed by a long-term expert in the field of traceological research – Deputy Director of the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police, Mr. Krzysztof Borkowski. The areas related to chemical, biological and radiological (CBRN) hazards, conference participants could listen to a lecture by Lt. MSc. Jarosław Wojciechowski, a former employee of the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry on: “Collecting forensic traces from objects contaminated with CBRN agents” and the voice of Ph.D. Jacek Pirszel, a former employee of the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry, currently an employee of the Analytical Laboratory of the Mint of Radzymin in the speech “Chemical weapons – a dream a poisoner? ”.
Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Biology and Environmental Protection, University of Lodz, assoc.professor of the University of Lodz, Michał Bijak, introduced the topic: “Bioterrorism – a new form of threat”. Ph.D. Justyna Kaczmarczyk, Head of the Department of Psychology at Tarnów University in Tarnów, a forensic expert in the field of psychology and sexology, talked about how closely psychology is connected with forensics, presenting the “Methodology of the work of an expert psychologist / sexologist in collecting evidence”.
The numerous participants of the conference could also listen to the speech of Zuzanna Brożek-Muchy from the Institute of Forensic Expertise in Krakow, who discussed “Challenges in identification after firing a firearm”. A valuable voice in the discussion on “Type of mechanical injuries and the possibility of identifying the tool” was a lecture by Ph.D. Sylwia Tarka from the Department of Forensic Medicine at the Medical University of Warsaw and Ph.D. Paweł Lewandowski – an expert in the field of road accident research, LK KWP based in Radom, who referred to the “Analysis of a selected accident situation against the background of changing road traffic law”.
The interest in the conference was very high. It turned out that, unfortunately, some interested parties were not able to join due to the limitations of the Teams application. The Dean of the Faculty of SSaT, Ph.D. Adam Ziółkowski, closing the conference, thanked all the speakers, guests of honor and conference participants for their active participation in the meeting.
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