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Psychology Zone

Please be advised that the Faculty of Humanities of Radom Academy of Economics have established the Zone of Psychology as a set of measures for assistance and support in solving psychological problems and popularizing of psychological knowledge.

Radom Academy of Economics Psychology Zone is an action directed for children, youth and adults, and focusing on the following topics:

  • Development of creative thinking, creativity,
  • Development of social skills such as assertiveness, emotional intelligence, the ability to work in a group,
  • fighting prejudice and discrimination,
  • popularizing of psychological knowledge,
  • help in experiencing difficulties, apathy, fatigue, boredom, a sense of meaninglessness,
  • help in the achievement of life objectives, improved quality of life, welfare,
  • helping people dissatisfied with the current employment situation (job loss, unemployment, burnout) or personal (family problems, marital, interpersonal relationships, motivational crises, problems with decision making),
  • helping people who want to initiate a change in life through self-awareness, interpersonal relations, communication and stress knowledge,
  • help in solving problems such as phobias, depression, mood disorders, feelings of emptiness, loneliness, low self-esteem, suicidal thoughts, addictions, codependency, aggression and violence,
  • Assistance in solving problems related to shyness,
  • Help in overcoming intense, disturbing emotions in everyday life: anger, fear, sadness, grief, shame, guilt,
  • Assistance in the experience of suffering, the pain of loss, grief, separation,
  • assistance in dealing with difficult situations, that over the course life can reach of each of us (psychological problems associated with somatic diseases, psychosomatic disorders, problems of old age), etc.

As part of the Psychology Zone following activities might occur:

  1. Periodic workshops, lectures, training combined with psychological tips and elements of crisis intervention,
  2. Workshops in schools and institutions:
  3. Radio broadcast dedicated to solving psychological problems,
  4. Scientific Symposia (in the academic year 2014/2015 on Psychological aspects of human functioning in prison isolation)
  5. Tips from psychologist and addiction therapist,
  6. Discussion Club.

For further information please contact:

Doc. Dr. Sylvester Bębas
Dean of the Faculty of Humanities

Media partners of the events of the PSYCHOLOGY ZONE series: Radom?s Media Group.

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