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International lectures

Thanks to the International cooperation Radom’s Academy of Economics periodically organizes meetings with ambassadors of countries maintaining diplomatic relations with Poland. A series of International Lectures is a great opportunity for discussion for anyone interested in international affairs, diplomacy and the problems of the modern world.

So far the guests of the Radom School of Economics consist of:

Rolf Nikel – Ambassador of Germany
“German-Polish Relations Facing New Challenges” March 16, 2017

Hasan Hasanov – Ambassador of Azerbaijan
“The influence of Islam on the culture of Azerbaijan” February 8, 2017

Stephen de Boer – Ambassador of Canada
“Canada and Multiculturalism” October 25, 2016

Gerard Keown – Ambassador of Ireland
“Global Island – Place of Ireland in a Changing World” May 19, 2016

Ajay Bisaria – Ambassador of India
“Economic revival of India” April 6, 2016

Raul Lozano – Cerrad Black Radar Trainer
“Volleyball – my passion” January 27, 2016

Sergey Andreev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation
“Polish-Russian relations after 2000” January, 2016

Martin Michelet, Minister of the Embassy of Switzerland
“Switzerland – a political system like no other”, May 22, 2014.

Karsten Klepsvik, Ambassador of Norway
“Geopolitics in the Far North (Arctic) and the Polish-Norwegian bilateral relations”, April 9, 2014.

Staffan Herrström, Ambassador of Sweden
“Equality between men and women as a human right,” 26 March 2014.

Ivan del Vechio, the Ambassador of Croatia
“The way of Croatia to the European Union” 06 June 2013.

Xu Jian, Ambassador of the Republic of China
“The strategic Sino-Polish partnership” May 18, 2013.

Pierre Buhler, Ambassador of France
“France and Poland in the twenty-first century”, April 26, 2013.

Riccardo Guariglia, Ambassador of Italy
“Common relations between Italy and the Poland” April 24, 2013.

Azmi Al-Daqqa, Ambassador of Palestine
“Palestine – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow”, April 4, 2013.

Alexander Alexeyev, Ambassador of the Russian Federation
“The current Polish-Russian cooperation”, 6 December 2012.

Thomas ?strup M?ller, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark
“Danish Presidency – Priorities”, March 9, 2012.

Zia Mojadedi, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
“Afghanistan yesterday and today”, 17 February 2012.

Japanese Ambassador Yuichi Kusumoto
The current situation in Japan and the latest trends in Japanese diplomacy.

Hasan Hasanov Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Azerbaijan and Azerbaijani-Polish relations: history and modernity.

Rüdiger Freiherr von Fritsch Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany in Poland
Germany and Poland together in Europe

Jan Sechter, Ambassador of the Czech Republic
Czech-Polish relations in Central Europe

Viktar Gaisenak, Ambassador of the Republic of Belarus
Internal and external policies of the Republic of Belarus

Ric Todd, British Ambassador
United Kingdom, Poland and the European Union

Egidijus Meilunas, Ambassador of the Republic of Lithuania
Lithuania – Poland: the example of the strategic partnership

Robert Kiss, Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary
Hungary’s economic situation and state of the convergence program

Thakur Phanit, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Thailand
Exploring Thailand

Gabriel Constantin Bartas, Ambassador of Romania
Position of Romania in the European Union

Abdesselam Alem, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco
Morocco’s Foreign Policy

Jan Luykx, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium in Poland
Belgium and Poland – partners in the European Union.

Fauzi Nasreen, Ambassador of Pakistan in Poland
Pakistan – Poland, Future economic hub.

Francisco José Cruz González, Ambassador of Mexico in Poland
Why Mexico?

Dr. Bozo Cerar, Ambassador of Slovenia in Poland
The role of Slovenia in the enlarged European Union and its foreign policy.

Ibnu Sanyoto, Ambassador of Indonesia in Poland
Islam in Indonesia and the West (shaping and supporting democracy and anti-terrorism).

Baasansuren Tugalkhuu, Ambassador of Mongolia in Poland
Tradition and renovation of Mongolia and Polish relations. Modern Mongolia.

Sikose N. Mji, Ambassador of South Africa in Poland
South Africa’s foreign policy in Poland.

Ali Bousnina, Ambassador of Tunisia in Poland
Tunisia’s foreign policy.

Latchezar Petkov, Ambassador of Bulgaria in Poland
Polish-Bulgarian political and economic relations.

Salaouandji Tedjini, Ambassador of the Algerian People’s Democratic Republic in Poland
Polish – Algerian relations since independence in 1962 to the reforms in the 90s.

Marina Chrystoph, Counsellor of the Embassy of the Republic of Austria
Austria and Poland together in the European Union.

Marcelo Mu?oz Tolhuysen, Consul of the Republic of Chile
Economic and social development of Chile.

Mohammad M. Pourmohammadi, Ambassador of the Republic of Iran in Poland
The relations between the Poland and Iran.

Dimko Komarowski, Ambassador of the Republic of Macedonia in Poland
Macedonia potential candidate for EU membership – the political and economic aspects.

David Peleg, Israeli Ambassador to Poland
Relations between the governments and peoples of Poland and Israel.

Fernando Flores, Ambassador of Ecuador in Poland
Ecuador in the international arena.

Anil Wadhwa, Ambassador of India in Poland
Economic transformation in India.

Lizeth N. S. Pena, Ambassador of Angola in Poland
Angola’s international cooperation policy.

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