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Department: EDUCATION
Bachelor’s degree studies

 The idea of specialization:

The aim of education on the Pedagogy is to gain knowledge about the possibilities and limitations of scientific knowledge, the basis of the creation of educational theories and their impact on the social reality and the benefits of the free use of educational approaches in their own professional practice. Graduates will acquire methodological, social, communication, diagnostic, preventive and organizational competences. They will be able to solve problems of the educating and educated, even those of special needs. Apart from the specialty-specific lectures, the program of study introduces general educational psychological and sociological knowledge and skills necessary to understand the socio-cultural context of lifelong education.

master pedagogics

Specialization focuses on:

  • Pedagogy Basis
  • Cultural Anthropology
  • Logic
  • Contemporary issues in psychology
  • Contemporary issues in sociology
  • Modern concepts of philosophy and ethics
  • Health Education
  • Health promotion
  • Interpersonal communication with elements of mediation
  • Creating an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Management of educational institutions
  • Methodology of social research
  • Diagnostics of social needs

master pedagogics

Job prospects:

Studies teach pedagogical supervision and diagnosis of the quality of work of educational institutions. It also improves graduates consultancy competences helpful in assisting in choosing a profession and career planning. Graduates will be prepared not only to be active in the labor market, but also to start their own business in the field of education. The training program has been developed based on the real needs of the regional labor market. Studies shape the skills to plan teaching practice and to direct educational institutions. Studies allow prepare for work on positions demanding high educational qualifications, in education and care centers, government agencies, local government units, associations and foundations.

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