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Psychology of personality development and quality of life

Draft of Specialization

Development Support Psychology is a new branch of applied psychology. It combines the issues of developmental psychology, psychopathology, psychology of education, and clinical psychology. Specialization is addressed to students thinking about the work with optimizing the development of people of all ages: children, adolescents and adults. Students gain knowledge of the causes and pathomechanisms of various developmental disorders, learning to diagnose development potential and with the methods of supporting the development of individuals mental spheres of both healthy peolpe and those with various mental and physical disorders. Students also gain knowledge on monitoring and supporting major educational environments, such as family, kindergartens, schools and various care institutions. In addition, the curriculum of studies focuses on activation issues of seniors.

Specialization focuses on:

  • psychopathology of development
  • psychological diagnosis of children, adolescents and adults
  • psychological support in cases of somatic disorders
  • role of psychological intervention in solving development problems
  • communication in helping relations
  • methods of treatment and supporting of the development
  • designing of programs aiding in development
  • psycho-stimulation of creative skills
  • support the development of the educational process
  • psycho-stimulation of development of the elderly
  • psychology of aging

Career prospects

Graduates are prepared to work in different types of school and educational, rehabilitation and educational and care and educational centers. They can find work in various integrational institutions and daily support centers for children, youth and seniors (therapeutic and community centers, clubs, social therapy centers, day care centers). Education gained during the course of studies is useful to work in companies, associations, foundations and non-governmental organizations pursuing a variety of psycho-educational programs. Graduates of psychology support the development may also be employed in the universities of the third age (teaching institution sfor elderly).

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