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Judicial and Penitenciary Psychology

Draft of Specialization

Students who decide to choose this specialization, will possess the psychological knowledge that prepares them to cooperate with the police and the judiciary. They learn about the causes and conditions of criminal behavior. They will gain the ability to diagnose  for the court and the prison, as well as learn about ways to prevent criminal behavior.

The study program includes preparing psychological and legal opinions eg.: of insanity, incapacitation, assessing the credibility of witness and suspects statements and the issue of rehabilitation of inmates in prison. In addition, students gain knowledge on the identification of offenders (profiling) and train the skills of mediation and negotiation.

Specialization focuses on:

  • judicial and penitentiary diagnosis
  • Psychological methods for court testing
  • judicial opinions of adult offenders
  • judicial opinions of juvenile perpetrators of criminal offenses
  • psychological and legal opinions in criminal, civil, family and care judicial cases
  • penitentiary psychology
  • rehabilitation and treatment of offenders in terms of open and closed establishments
  • credibility of testimony of witnesses
  • social pathologies
  • abnormal behavior
  • negotiation and mediation
  • social Mental health prevention


Judicial and Penitenciary Psychology


Career prospects

Specialization is addressed to those who intend to cooperate with the police, courts and prison. A graduate can find employment in the branches of forensic psychiatry in the service of judicial curator, in prisons, detention centers, youth centers for sociotherapy, youth care centers, shelters and detention centers, in family diagnostic and consultation centers and dayly social therapy institutions. In addition,  Graduate will be prepared to work in institutions and centers related to prevention of risky behavior, social assistance centers for guidance centers for ex-convicts, family support centers and centers of early intervention.

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