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Clinical Psychology

Draft of Specialization

The purpose of this study is to provide in-depth knowledge and the basic skills in recognizing and preventing a variety of mental disorders for the individual and society.
Students learn on the conditions and mechanisms of the formation of behavioral disorders, personality or mental illness. During studies, Students learn on both stimuli, as well as blocking factors of the development of psychological and psychosocial functioning of human being. Students acquire basic skills for providing assistance to people of all ages, that have difficulties solving their problems in life. Learn the principles of psycho-prevention, psychotherapy and psychological rehabilitation.

Specialization focuses on:

  • clinical psychology of children and adolescents
  • an adult clinical psychology
  • Clinical Psychology of somatic diseases
  • neuropsychology
  • mental disability
  • psychoseksuology
  • psychology of addiction
  • stress and its overcoming
  • psychodiagnosis
  • psychological counseling
  • psychotherapy
  • psychological rehabilitation
  • crisis intervention
  • Health Psychology
  • psychoproprevention

Career prospects

A graduate of this specialization will be prepared to work with children, youth and adults experiencing a variety of psychological problems. The acquired knowledge and skills enable a wide range of employment opportunities in such institutions as: healing centers, crisis intervention, psychological counseling, foundations dealing with social pathologies, self-help organizations related social help, care centers, educational and social rehabilitation centers, nursing homes, or in palliative care. Clinical Psychology Graduates may also work in private practice counseling.

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