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Concept studies

The central object of interest in the psychology of a man, his mental processes and behavior, and its relations with the world. The goal of psychology is to describe, explain predict and control of mental processes and behavior and improving the quality of human life. Students who decide to choose this direction, you will receive a thorough theoretical and practical preparation to conduct research, diagnostic, and to provide psychological help in solving problems arising in various areas of life of the individual and social groups. Studies in psychology have to train specialized staff and possesses a comprehensive and modern psychological knowledge, prepared to take a pro-social activities and self-improvement. Studies are completed bachelor’s diploma in psychology. This diploma allows to study the second degree (MSc) in both majoring in psychology and in other fields of study in social sciences.

The course covers issues such as:

  • Cognitive processes
  • Emotion and motivation
  • Personality
  • Psychology of individual differences
  • Psychology of Human Development
  • Social Psychology
  • Methodology of psychological research
  • Psychometrics
  • Psychological diagnosis
  • Psychological help
  • Psychopathology
  • The biological basis of behavior

Job prospects

The graduate psychology is prepared to work as a specialist for the psychology of the various institutions and organizations: government, NGOs, government, private, as well as with international organizations. Gained qualifications for recruitment assistance in the area closely related to psychology (the area to help and therapy, research area, the area of human resource management, an area of training and development support) and wherever required good team cooperation and knowledge of social mechanisms (advertising agencies, mass media, PR firm). A possible way of career development is to take your own business or the execution of orders for companies and institutions in the health sector, education and the wider business.


  • Specializations: Psychology in business, Supporting the development of psychology, Social Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Justice and Penitentiary Psychology, Psychology of work, organization and management.
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