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Early Education and Preschool

The concept of study on the specialization

The aim of the studies in this specialization is to prepare for the role of kindergarten and classes I-III primary school teacher, as well as to broaden the knowledge and practical skills in working with children with special educational needs. During the course of three years study, students develop both generic and specialization specific competences for: Early School and Preschool education.

Graduates acquire the following general and specific competencies related to the knowledge, skills and attitudes: the ability to organize the teaching process, individualize education, help with the developing of children’s interests, understand the educational needs of children, and formulate educational objectives for the development of both oneself and their pupils. Learn teacher’s workshop in the field of music education, motoric, artistic and technical assistance, including the principle of performance monitoring and constructing descriptive assessment, and the issues of educational work and collaboration with parents. Graduates upon completion of the educational process in the context of higher vocational education are equipped with the skills to conduct group and individual compensatory educational activities with children with learning difficulties, are fully prepared to work as a teacher of children in preschool and early school age. Graduates, ending a three-year course of higher vocational studies, receive a Bachelor’s degree. They have the possibility to continue their education at Master’s degree on the same or similar specialty.


Studies at this specialty trains in the following areas:

  • Psychology of development and psychology of personality
  • Pedagogical concepts and systems
  • Theoretical foundations of education and training
  • History of educational thought
  • Biomedical basis of development and education
  • Aesthetic education
  • Preschool education
  • Integrated Early School
  • Media Education
  • Methodology of early childhood and preschool education

Job prospects

A graduate of this specialization can work in pre-school and early elementary schools. Also in community centers, childcare centers, diagnostic centers, consultation and therapeutic family care homes, specialized counseling centers, cultural centers.

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