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Vocational counseling and coaching career

The concept of study on the specialization

The aim of this Specialization is to prepare Graduates for individual and group work with people who are in the process of changing jobs, a job search or simply pursue a career development. The course of studies will ensure gaining required qualifications for the position of vocational or educational counselor and ability to coach. Professional Coach’s assistance is much needed especially nowadays, in the face of constant rotation on the labor market, to help make important career decisions or due to lowering of the age of starting a professional career. Coach can advise to anyone from high school level until late working age. During the studies, the student learns how to discover people?s potential to develop their individual resources; they study art of supporting people. Goal for the studies is to educate highly skilled specialists helping to overcome unemployment and activating unused resources for labor market. The graduate will be able to organize preventive actions for people being at risk of becoming longtime unemployed, through lifelong learning, professional development and also how to mobilize and organize communities. They’ll learn assessing vocational predispositions through tests, shaping of professional development paths, career planning, organizing courses and trainings. They’ll know the rules of communication and working methods of professional advisors, including vocational school counselors and will gain qualifications to conduct preparations for the profession.

The specialization includes knowledge of:

  • The basics of personal counseling
  • The labor market and the educational market
  • Methods of conducting the interpersonal advice and coaching meetings
  • Socio-cultural aspects of counseling and coaching
  • Methods of diagnosis and professional development
  • Basic theory of organization and management
  • change management
  • creating an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Vocational counseling methodology
  • Marketing of educational services

 Job prospects

A graduate of this specialization is ready to work as individual and group adviser for people in active job search or as career development adviser at the position of professional coach in both educational and vocational guidance institutions such as: in the district labor offices, schools, middle schools and high schools (school counselor profession), psychological and pedagogical clinics. Specialization enables graduates to work in companies (recruitment and staff training) and institutions specialized in counseling. It also helps opening your own business in the area of Personal Coaching and career-guidance.

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