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The concept of studies

This degree program permits students to complete all requirements for leading therapeutic, rehabilitation and social activities as well as jobs in educational institutions. Students gain knowledge and skills in the field of pedagogical science, inter alia: Social Prevention and Rehabilitation, Special Pedagogy with Pedagogic Therapy, Educational Care and Social Work Pedagogy, Occupational Counselling and Pedagogy Of Work, Integrated Pre-School And Primary School Education.

These studies enable leading and organizing tutorial and education work, managing teamwork and educational establishments as well as recognition and diagnosis and solving problems of individuals, groups and communities. Student will acquire knowledge regarding functioning of the state and non-state educational and Educational Care establishments as well as rules of educational projects creation and financing. The whole education is supplemented with vocational trainings in educational institutions and establishments.

The programme of studies primarily embraces subjects from the following disciplines:

  • Psychology;
  • Theoretical Concepts of Upbringing;
  • Methodology of Teaching;Social Pedagogy;
  • Special Pedagogy;Social Work;
  • Social Pathology and Social Rehabilitation;
  • Marketing of Methodology of Teaching Services;
  • Pre-School and Primary School Education.

Vocational perspectives

Graduates of this specialisation obtain qualifications for positions in education, tutoring and educational establishments, outpatient clinics, companies, medical service establishments, welfare centres or judiciary establishments.

Graduates are also qualified to work with rehabilitation services, correctional institutions, penitentiary, institutions of interventionist character (police, crisis intervention centres, police child houses), institutions of custodial character (childcare emergency units, adoption centres, common rooms, recreation-occupation rooms, custodial homes) and of therapeutic character (occupational therapy units, therapeutic rooms). The graduates can also work in various governmental and non-governmental institutions, in self-government institutions engaged in education, tuition, social prevention along with school and vocational reorientation, depending on the vocational specialization previously chosen.


  • Specializations: Social Prevention and rehabilitation, Early Education and Preschool, Social pedagogy and pedagogical therapy, Career counseling and career coaching, Prevention and intervention in crisis situations.
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