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International Finance

The aim for students of the international finance specialization is to learn about the mechanisms of functioning of the financial systems in the world and European and international standards in the field of financial trading. Students learn on the functioning of national and international organizations and financial institutions, banking systems, capital markets and the role of financial instruments on international markets. Additionally, there are classes carried on terms of exchange rates, international transactions and settlements, structural funds within the EU, as well as the financial law. Among acquired knowledge and skills there’s also ways to account costs, register it, and financial reporting, used in the different countries of the world, including the analysis and auditing. Specialization also equips students with knowledge of corporate financial management issues and groups and international accounting and financial flows.

Studies at this specialty trains in the following areas:

  • accounting
  • Financial analysis
  • Financial management
  • Economic Mathematics
  • International financial markets
  • Financial instruments in foreign markets
  • International Finance
  • Tax, checks, bills of exchange laws
  • Accounting Informatics
  • International accounting standards
  • Treasury – financial liquidity management

Job prospects

Graduates of international finance will have ample opportunities of employment in financial institutions such as banks, brokerage houses and offices, insurance, accountancy offices, also in businesses, production and sales companies, as a financial analyst, financial advisor and tax and investment advisor. These studies prepare for the finance departments of any foreign or domestic companies operating in the international environment, making international financial operations. Specialists in the field of international finance are sought as professional staff offices of the central government, local government, commercial centers, administrations of the EU and national and international business.

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