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Foreign Trade

Concept of study at this specialty

International Commerce specialization prepares students to work in companies and institutions involved in international exchange and trade of goods, to be able to conduct trade negotiations and to transact in international trade. The course of this specialization shows the functioning of the global trading system, allows to understand the mechanisms and issues that might occur in international trade, as well as trends in international markets, etc. Students learn the macroeconomic determinants of international cooperation and operations of businesses, at the global, European and national markets. They’re gaining knowledge on the preparation, formulation, conclusion and implementation of international trade agreements and the relations between national and international law governing this area.

Studies focus on issues concerning among else:

  • Technology and organization of international trade
  • Negotiation processes in international trade
  • International Marketing
  • International economic law
  • National economic security
  • Customs procedures
  • International payments
  • Risk and insurance in international trade
  • International transport and shipping
  • Investment Banking
  • Theory and policy of exchange rate

Job possibilities

Graduates of International Commerce are essentially and practically prepared to work in retail and service businesses of all sizes, operating in the domestic and international market. They’ll also make a good impression in the state administration institutions, especially those with the scope of activities falling within the area of international economic relations. Education gained during the course of studies, provides with a great opportunities for an employment within the managerial ranks of import-export enterprises, customs offices, consulting firms, institutions and commercial enterprises operating in the international environment, international commerce headquarters, etc.

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