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Crisis management

Framework of the faculty:

Crisis management is a specialty that meets the expectations of the labor market. Crisis management is an activity of public administration which is part of the internal security management. It is based on crisis prevention, implementation of measures in the event of emergencies, removing their effects and reproducing of resources and critical infrastructure. This faculty is addressed to people who work or intend to work in positions related to the crisis management in its broadest sense. It is also addressed to executives of public administration and local government (municipalities, counties, provinces) and all interested in the problems of internal security in the case of threats to life, health, property of citizens and in ensuring order, peace and public safety. In the curriculum of the Studies, an important role is played by form of exercise classes and workshops, during which students through case studies describing the actual problem situations, strategy games, simulation games, and other acquire practical skills necessary for their future careers. Graduates of this faculty will be fully prepared to embark on to a second degree studies (Masters).

Graduates of this faculty will gain knowledge of the following topics:

  • Crisis Management
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Contemporary security threats
  • Civilians rescue and protection
  • Security of the state
  • Management in case of emergency and extraordinary threat
  • Informational support of crisis management
  • National and allied emergency response system
  • Protection of cultural and national heritage
  • The legal basis of states of emergency
  • The legal basis for crisis management
  • Management concepts
  • Decision making in management
  • Civil defense of the country
  • Civil emergency planning

Job prospects:

Graduates will be able to find employment as managers, specialists, consultants, experts and inspectors in the departments or headquarters of crisis management staffs or at the offices of the provincial, district, municipal or local government institutions at various levels, the Provincial Military staffs, units of the State Fire Service and Police, Civil Defense formations and institutions related to emergency response.

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