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Criminology and forensics

Framework of the faculty:

Nowadays the detection of offenders is not based solely on the conducting of simple steps investigations, but it requires expertise on motives of the offender and the circumstances of the offense and therefore specialists with criminological knowledge of specific determinants of psychological and social aspects of committing a crime, are often desired in the labor market so they can easily find an employment in the operational divisions of law enforcement. With the growing importance of forensic techniques also achieved due to the use of new technologies, including digital polygraphs (commonly called a lie detector), detection of crime is almost always related to a series of complex actions, which help in revealing of evidence of the crime. The increasing role of forensic techniques in effectively carried out investigations creates a demand for such expertise to process them in an efficient and effective manner. That’s why the study on the faculty of criminology and forensics specialization enables efficient search of employment within the competitive labor market.

Graduates of this faculty will gain knowledge of the following topics:

  • Criminology
  • Victimology
  • Psychological profiling
  • Dactyloscopy
  • Polygraph examination
  • scent evidence
  • trace evidence
  • Reclamation
  • Psychology of testimony and explanations
  • Criminal procedures
  • Operational-investigative actions
  • Forensic documentation
  • Analysis of the authenticity of the documents
  •  ballistics

Criminology  laboratory

Job prospects:

Graduates of criminology and forensic classes, by being thought by the best specialists and using the well-equipped forensic laboratories, will be substantially and practically prepared to work in forensic laboratories operating within the structure of the Police, National Security Agency and the Border Guard. Understandably, they will also be able to take up employment in the detective agencies, as well as – thanks to the knowledge of entrepreneurship – to start their own business in this area. Practical training at a shooting range and in the course of self-defense techniques and tactics will help them to develop skills to successfully, efficiently and safely conduct of investigations and inquests.

Criminology  laboratory

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