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Tackling organized crime and terrorism

Framework of the faculty:

Nowadays organized crime and terrorism poses a special threat to the legal system, and even for the proper functioning of the socio-economic state system. Especially a particular problem of terrorism is currently gaining more and more importance. Students on this specialization will gain knowledge and skills in the prevention, diagnosis, counter and prosecution of crimes committed by criminals operating in an organized groups and terrorist threats. Currently, in the national educational system there is no educational offer in this area. Hence the offer of this faculty aims to fill the gap in the educational system in the area of protection of the state and the citizens, public safety and order. Graduates of this course will be fully prepared to embark on a Master?s degree.

Graduates of this faculty will gain knowledge of the following topics:

  • Monitoring, identifying and countering threats to the security of citizens
  • Prevention of terrorism in the macro scale
  • Concepts of organized crime and terrorism
  • The structure of organized crime groups
  • Principles of international cooperation for the fight against organized crime and terrorism
  • Institutional framework for preventing and combating organized crime and terrorism
  • Aspects of forensic and criminal law aligned with fighting against organized crime and terrorism
  • Criminal responsibility for crimes known as organized and terrorist offenses

Job prospects:

Graduates will gain the skills necessary for working in specialized units of the Police, the Central Bureau of Investigation, the Departments for Organized Crime and other organizational units of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, in the bodies of which the scope of activities includes among others, the fight against organized crime or terrorism, i.e. the Internal Security Agency, Intelligence Agency, Military Police and Military Information Services and other units of the Ministry of Defence. They will be able to work in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the institutions, the activities of which largely involve offenses committed in an organized manner, in particular fiscal control authorities and customs.

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