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Internal Security

The concept of studies

The aim of this course is to provide knowledge and skills essential to anticipate threats to security and public order, methods of preventing violations of public order and security, analysis and assessment of security and public order.

Students will also be prepared to make decisions under conditions of threat to security and public order, organize collective action in an emergency, manage crisis situations brought about by natural disasters, catastrophes, accidents and terrorist attacks.

The students will acquire knowledge of social and legal issues, ability to analyze phenomena and solve security problems on a global, state, regional and local scale.

Internal Security studies involve such issues as:

  • state security;
  • internal security in the European Union;
  • social security;
  • security of local communities and creating safe spaces;
  • security in common communication and transport;
  • ecological safety;
  • economic security of countries;
  • energy security;
  • security of computer systems;
  • protection of people, properties, facilities and areas;
  • organization and management of rescue systems;
  • crisis management;
  • protection of personal data and classified information;
  • combating terrorism;
  • human rights and professional ethics of state officers;
  • combating crime;
  • first aid in emergency, in life-threatening situations.

The Graduates of internal security will be prepared for work in public administration (central and local government), for the Police, Border Guards, Prison Guards, City Guards, the customs, the Polish Army, Fire Service, the Internal Security Agency, the Road Transport Inspection, Railway Security Guard and in public and private sectors in positions responsible for information security.

They will be trained to perform various functions in the National Civil Defence formations and institutions related to crisis response, bodies and agencies of the European Union, international organizations, electronic media, private companies, as well as negotiation specialists resolving crisis situations.

Vocational perspectives

Education received during the studies of internal security also opens the way for employment in the national,  European and international institutions of public safety (Internal Security Agency, State Protection Office, the European Police Office, the International Police Organization) and also in the structures and units of the Polish Army, as civilian employees and in companies providing protection of persons and property services.


-Specializations: Security and public order , Emergency management , Combating organized crime and terrorism, Security information networks and information, Protection of persons and property, Army and special forces in the security of the State, Airport Security, Logistics of uniformed services, Fire Prevention, Criminology and forensics.

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