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Business economics

The concept of study on the specialization

Business economics specialization gives students the opportunity to gain qualifications in economics from the company and its management methods perspective. The aim is to train qualified staff capable of making investment decisions, able to expertly manage the company, raise funds for the business operations, as well as being able to coordinate the development of policies and strategies of the company.

Studies at this specialty trains in the following areas:

  • Expert knowledge about Analysis and assessment of the financial condition of the company
  • The skills and mechanisms affecting the company’s improvement
  • Efficiency related to the planning and resources management systems
  • Compilation of the investment efficiency
  • The ability to correctly identify business development opportunities based on the trends in the environment
  • Small and Medium Enterprises development strategy
  • Economics and business management
  • Principles of economic and financial analysis
  • Economic calculation of investment efficiency

Job prospects

Graduates employed as managers in enterprises will be prepared for independent and effective investment decision-making. They’ll be able to provide services in the field of investment, working for consulting companies, as investment analysis in i.e. brokerage houses, banks and consulting firms. They will also be prepared to open one?s own business. Graduates with a degree in business economics will obtain knowledge, professional and computer skills, ethical and social conduct and ease of finding one’s place in the labor market.

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