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Study concept

The aim of the study is to provide knowledge and skills in the study of the etiology of crime, the victimization risk and the diagnosis of trends in crime, causes and various manifestations of social pathologies. Students will learn methods of detecting, preventing and combating crime, as well as issues related to the methods of implementing corrective justice and assistance to the injured and the injured. During their studies, they will learn contemporary criminological theories and their impact on social reality and learn to use the achievements of science in their own professional practice and self-development. Graduates have methodological, social, communication, diagnostic, preventive and organizational skills to solve the current problems of people entering the crime and support them.

The education program includes:

  • material criminal law
  • criminal proceedings Comparative criminology
  • contemporary criminological theories Vicick
  • etiology of crime
  • Criminal investigation methods
  • crime policy
  • crime prevention
  • social pathologies
  • resocialization

Career prospects

Graduates are prepared to work in public administration, justice and security and public order services such as border guards, Government Protection Bureau, police, prison services, Internal Security Agency, Crisis Intervention Centers, Family Relief Centers, They can also work in government and local government agencies dealing with prevention and combating crime, serve as curators, mediators, human rights defenders, collaborate with foundations, etc. The education gained during this degree also opens the way to employment in insurance, law enforcement agencies, or investigative journalism.

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