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Crime Prevention and Social Policy

Concept of studies within the specialty

The purpose of this specialty is to prepare students for work for individuals and social groups in need of protection, preventive measures against social maladaptation, requiring preventive, therapeutic or social rehabilitation. Graduates have the knowledge and practical skills to identify factors posing a risk of social pathology, crisis, and take appropriate precautionary and intervention measures.

The program of specialization includes:

  • sociology and methods of sociological research
  • sociology of social groups
  • constitutional principles for the protection of human and civil rights
  • social policy
  • social pathologies
  • etiology of crime
  • crime prevention
  • shaping of educational skills
  • shaping psychological skills
  • mechanisms of social influence
  • basics of sociotherapy
  • social work

Career prospects

Graduates may work in uniformed In law enforcement agencies (penitentiaries, detention centers, police prevention departments) and justice ministry units (courts, crisis intervention centers), municipal police and non-governmental organizations with statutory objectives to prevent social pathologies (foundations and associations). Graduates are also prepared to work in educational and vocational centers, care and education centers, family children’s homes, diagnostic and consulting centers, pedagogical and psychological clinics. They can also work in “trust phones”, social help centers and local government institutions dealing with social problems of residents (among others as street educators – street workers).

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