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Crime detection

Study concept

Detecting perpetrators is based not only on the conduct of simple investigative activities, but requires specialized knowledge of the motive behind the offender and the circumstances of the offense. Due to the increasing importance of forensic techniques, also achieved through the use of new technologies, including research on digital printers (commonly known as lie detectors), crime detection is almost always associated with a series of complicated activities that reveal evidence of crime. Students of this specialization will gain the ability to check the authenticity of letters and documents, process data from monitoring, investigate biological traces collected at the crime scene, perform fingerprints. They will be able to assess the evidence of the crime. They will also prepare for forensic reconstruction of road accidents, fires, etc. The growing role of forensic techniques for the effectiveness of investigations and investigations creates a demand on the labor market for specialized knowledge in this field.

Completion of the specialization allows you to gain knowledge and skills in the field of:

  • psychopathology
  • individual differences psychology
  • psychology of testimonies and explanations 
  • criminal procedures
  • operational investigative activities
  • documentation of forensic activities
  • dactyloscopy
  • printing studies and analysis of authenticity of documents
  • osmology
  • traseology
  • ballistics

Career prospects

Graduates of criminology specialization will be qualified and practically prepared to work in forensic laboratories operating within the police, the Internal Security Agency or the Border Guard. Will they also be able to work in detective agencies as well. Thanks to business knowledge. Start your own business in this field. Specialization subjects will be implemented in the University Criminalistics Laboratory. Practical classes at the WSH electronic shooting range and in the course of self-defense techniques and tactics will allow you to acquire the skills of effective, efficient and safe conduct of investigations and investigations.


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