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3D Animation

3D Animation Specialization is the latest proposal of theRAE for students and candidates in the field of Computer Science. The development of the CG industry, emerging new technologies and solutions make the market demand for digital graphics and 3D animation professionals continue to grow. 3D animation techniques are widely used today. In film, commercials, television programs, post-production special effects, or in creating computer games and multimedia applications. The program offered includes areas such as 3D modeling, design and spatial animation, character and object animation, 3D graphics editors, or 3D graphics programming. Undoubtedly, the advantage of the offered specialty is the great emphasis placed on gaining practical skills and competences for students to find themselves on the labor market.

Specialties include:

– 3D modeling
– design and spatial animation
– character animation, objects, force fields and particle systems
– 3D graphics editors
– 3D graphics programming
– computer vision and facial animation

Career prospects

The graduate is prepared to work in the production of commercials and films, television programs and post-production of special effects. The proposed specialty opens the door to a career as a developer of computer games and multimedia applications, as well as a producer of multimedia and animated films, 3D graphics for film and computer games, 3D modeller, television infographic and motion designer and character animator.

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